Gord Taylor grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and learned to play the bagpipes at the age of 6 (as did Gord's father) from the late Pipe Major Robert Fraser of The Lord Selkirk Boys Pipe Band. Gord quickly rose in the competitive solo piping and pipe band worlds both in Canada and in Scotland. Throughout Gord's musical career, he's toured Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia. His stories of life on the road include uninvited – and sometimes risky performances in bars and pubs from Scotland to Japan.

When Gord was around 14 he met a lifelong friend, musical partner, and brother, Matt MacNasty. Gord and Matt would play with the Stirling competition pipe band all over North America and on other weekends and evenings, perform in Winnipeg's pubs: The King's Head, The Toad in the Hole, O'Reilly and O'Toole's, and Shannon's, passing a pint glass around for 'tips' where they could. The two very rare teenagers were the only ones in their high schools with professional musical careers complete with the watering holes that accompany them.

During Gord's time as an adolescent and young adult in the ranks of the Canadian school of pipers and pipe bands, Gord has composed three bagpipe sheet music books. The first, in 1993 with east coast piper, John Gillis, and the second, in the year 2000, released as a private collection of tunes. In 2008 The Sherbrook Music Company published a third collection of Gord's original tunes called "One Tone over the Line (Sweet Mhairi)." Gord describes it as "a beast of a book" containing over 130 melodies, harmonies and production pieces, some of which can be heard and downloaded for free on Gord's website www.gordtaylor.com.

In 2002 Gord received a call from Matt who was, at the time, a professional touring musician, playing bagpipes for Canada's 'World Infamous' Real McKenzies, a Scottish punk rock band from Vancouver. Matt was playing Gord's tunes (specifically 'Taylor Made' from The Real McKenzies' 'Oot and Aboot' album) intentionally marketing Gord's music to the world while The McKenzies toured. Soon, Gord became Matt's part-time bagpipe technician, a Real McKenzies composer and eventually even a guest performer. But in 2009 Gord was welcomed into The Real McKenzies as 'dual exhaust' intended to play at the other end of the stage from his old friend Matt.

Gord spent 3 years touring and writing with The McKenzies in Canada, and Europe before beginning the biggest recording project he'd ever been a part of: 'Westwinds' (Released on Fat Wreck Chords (USA) and Stomp/Union Label Group (Canada)). Gord was directly involved with creating the songs, album concept and demo (with Sean Sellers, currently playing drums with Authority Zero and Good Riddance from the USA). 'Westwinds' was released in March of 2012. Shortly after the beginning of 2012 Gord parted ways with The Real McKenzies and began a plot to complete his own recording, but to this day 'Westwinds' and it's content continue to receive rave reviews from critics and fans all over the world.

For 25 years, Gord Taylor has been writing, compiling, recording and marketing his music. Gord continues to write songs, tunes, intros, ideas, and albums including even pipe band music for friends and clients alike. Gord's tunes can be heard on the radio, iTunes, YouTube, LastFM and pipe band competition circles all over the world.

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