'A Mari Usque Ad Mare' is Latin and translates to 'From Sea to Sea'. This bold motto sits emblazoned under the crest of this fine country called Canada.

If a person jumps in a car, or a semi truck, or a tour bus and drives from Vancouver to Halifax or vice versa, they will undergo a 6000 kilometre journey across the Trans Canada Highway. Through the biggest and smallest towns, over the most mountainous and flattest parts of the earth, and travelling in tandem with the friendliest and most interesting indigenous and immigrant cultures of any country in the world.

Ex punk rocker Gord Taylor and a band of hell raisers got together in Winnipeg and recorded Gord's debut album, titled 'Gord Taylor Featuring Patrick Kaczor-Santos'. A short but powerful album, 'Gord Taylor Featuring Patrick Kaczor-Santos' captures the spirit of high-energy live shows, blasting awesome original and traditional Canadian hard folk songs in DIY and Punk Rock writing and recording styles. Within all the music (bagpipes, crushing electric guitar, folk-sounding acoustic guitar, violin, and a pipe band competition snare drum) Gord and Paddy's smooth vocals deliver bold words and themes presented in a charismatic, somewhat explicit, but charming manner. 'Gord Taylor Featuring Patrick Kaczor-Santos' is a perfect balance of energy, beauty, virtuosity and brevity.

'Gord Taylor Featuring Patrick Kaczor-Santos'

"L'album est Folks, avec des touche de Irish, un genre de hybrid entre Frank Turner, Flogging molly et The Pogues!! Comme je suis un fan de Punk Rock et aime les chanson avec un beat de drum qui fait 'tou ta tout tou ta' ... Je conseil à tout le monde d'acheter l'album ! Pourquoi ? parce que je trouve que l'album est excellent. Gord Taylor est un musicien incroyable. Pour l'avoir rencontré a quelques reprises, c'est aussi un party boy ! un beau mélange quand tu fais du Punk Folks Acoustique"

Jay Epinat
Fondateur de Music 4 Cancer
St. Therese, Quebec, Canada

"Fun, exhilarating and bluntly honest. It is nice to hear music that is not only good but sounds like they had a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Keep up the good work Gord!!"

Rick Tucker
Head of Production for Allied Artist Pictures
Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Ain't no one I ever met like Gord Taylor…after slicing his head open on the club's ceiling fan, he went right back to stage to finish the concert…drenched in blood. Respect."

Sam Smith
Talent Buyer, Windsor Hotel
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

"A gritty acoustic edge spiked with punk rock aggression and the familiar hum of pride-filled pipes. We need roots-filled music like this to remind us that sometimes Canada is more than just humble modesty and politeness; it's also a rugged terrain of talent, energy and raw passion."

Taron Cochrane
Music Correspondent
CTV Morning Live
Regina, SK, Canada

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